Motorsports and soccer are the Superleague Formula

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Superleague Formula might sound like a new comic book or a cough syrup but in fact it is the title of a new open-wheel race series coming in August 2008. It plays on the idea that people can't get enough open-wheel racing between all the already existing series such as Formula 1, Champ Car, IRL, A1GP and all those feeder series. Superleague Formula takes an aim at the A1GP concept, but with a little twist. The cars are painted in livery to match the world's top soccer (aka football to most of the world) teams. Many soccer teams are already on board the project, while negotiations are underway to increase the field. The series is run by sports marketing guru Alex Andreu. He says the concept is meant to draw more outside interest to the world of motorsports. The first season will see the races limited to Europe, with plans to expand after that.

The Superleague Formula package is a chassis from Elan Motorsports Technologies and a 750 hp 4.2L V12 engine from Menard Competition Technologies. The chassis is aerodynamically developed to ensure ease of passing on track. The participating teams will be given their cars for the first season and everyone will run the same package with organized test sessions. It sounds like a project with high prospects. If it works, who knows, maybe next we'll see NASCAR team up with the NFL.

[Source: Superleague Formula]

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