Think you're sharp? Take the Ford Doctors mechanical aptitude test

UPDATE: I took the quiz again and scored a 92 - guess I do better when paying attention.
This came my way from one of the listservs I subscribe to. A passing grade is considered 80%, and I'm disappointed to say that if you take it while trying to watch ER and finish producing a podcast, like I did, you won't likely pass. I came close, with a 76, which is about the grades I'd pull in those classes I didn't take seriously enough to work in. I'm going to chalk the non-passing score up to distraction, because I definitely care about this stuff. The Ford Doctors Diesel Technicians Society have set up a 50-question battery that quizzes your grasp of systems like gears, pulleys, levers, basic circuits, and other core concepts that are universally applicable to fixing stuff. It's not full of trick questions, but some of the solutions aren't self evident unless you think a bit. What was your score?

Thanks for sharing, Aaron!


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