Toyota responds to tailgate issue

A couple of days ago we told you about two new issues with the Toyota Tundra that were drawing the ire of some owners. The first is the "rumble strip" transmission problem, for which Toyota has promised to replace the torque converter box of any affected truck. The other issue involved tailgates that were experiencing metal separation and cracks under load, some even deforming out of shape. Mike Levine from again took the owners' complaints to Toyota for a response. Toyota said that it's aware of the issue but has received few complaints so far, and the cause is under investigation. Also, any owners affected by metal separation on their tailgates can visit a Toyota dealer, who will fix or replace the tailgate under warranty if it's determined the damage occurred under normal use.
The Tundra tailgate issue was first reported by owners themselves on the forum. According to Levine who watched in real time as more and more owners organized on the forum, gathered evidence and eventually started an online petition, there has never been a movement like this begun and carried out by owners themselves to have an automaker address a grievance. And it worked, too! For it's part, Toyota is doing what it should be doing at this point: promising to fix the problem. It can't go back in time and change what caused the "rumble strip" issue in some transmissions or a batch of tailgates to experience metal separation, but it can fix those issues on trucks that have already been sold to both loyal and new Toyota customers alike. Nevertheless, the fallout from these quality issues will still be felt by Toyota, which has yet to back down from its goal of selling 200,000 Tundras this year.


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