SEMA 2007 Preview: Dodge Avenger StormTrooper

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The car you see pictured here is what happens when a self-professed Star Wars geek gets to have his way with the latest Dodge mid-sized sedan. While the stock Dodge Avenger looks awkward from some angles, sits a little tall, and is generally unexciting visually, the Avenger StormTrooper largely eliminates those problems. Under the hood, the StormTrooper gets the 4.0L V-6 from the Pacifica crossover while the whole body is lowered over the twenty-inch tires. The white bodywork and dark tinted headlight covers and windows were inspired by the armor of the soldiers in George Lucas' movies. A set of four buckets from a Charger SRT8 adorned in alcantara suede adorn the front and back rows and a pair of mobile PCs provide entertainment for the driver and passengers. The front unit is tied into the powertrain control allowing the driver to tune the engine, while the rear unit allows passengers to play games, watch movies, or surf the net.

Click here to listen to a chat I had with Avenger StormTrooper designer Scott Anderson, in which he explains some of the unique elements of this concept.

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Dodge Avenger Tuner - Stormtrooper

Designer: Scott Anderson, Senior Product Designer – Advanced Interior Design Studio
Project Coordinator – Engineering: Brandon Thomas, Product Release Engineer – FWD Chassis Group

The Dodge Avenger Tuner – Stormtrooper is a sophisticated sedan designed to appeal to an adult tuner with an appreciation for technical superiority, exhilarating performance and unbridled luxury and style. The technical, yet organic nature of the Stormtrooper costumes from Star Wars inspired its execution. The Avenger Stormtrooper represents the holistic fusion of technology, racing, comfort and performance.

Smooth power is unleashed by the digitally-tuned 4.0-liter V-6 engine – that packs the punch of a velvet hammer. It features an all-wheel-drive powertrain and six-speed automatic gearbox with AutoStick steering wheel paddle shifters and KW custom coil-over suspension that is tuned for ride-height and damping. Its custom exhaust is from Borla. The large 20 x 9 custom Alcoa Forged rims come with die-sub custom graphics and Michelin 245/35R20 Pilot Sport PS2 tires. It also features a StopTech six-piston front and four- piston rear big-brake package, Xenon HID projector head lamps, Umnitza Predator halo lighting and Challenger fuel filler cap.

Exterior custom modifications on the Avenger Stormtrooper include:
black-out high-beam parabola package
tinted head lamp and taillamp package
tinted PPG blue-magic glass
billet exhaust tips
front and rear fascias
sill aero kit
integrated rear spoiler
rear door sail panels
cold-air intake

Painted a custom pearl white, the Avenger Stormtrooper's story continues on the inside.

The Alcantara suede-lined interior features four black and white Dodge SRT8 bucket seats with red stitching and stripes to carry the driver and three lucky passengers for the thrill ride of their lives in style. The instrument panel, doors, headliner and pillars are swathed in this performance material. The custom Dodge "rim-shell" steering wheel and shifter paddles are constructed of black leather, white suede and red accent stitching and centering stripe. The centerstack/console features triple gauge pod and glossy pearl white finish.

Revolutionary technology abounds for the sophisticated tuner. There are two Azentek mobile PCs installed with 1.8GHz Intel Core Duo processors and two gigs of ram – one unit is in the front dash and one is in the rear seat center console. With the touch of a finger, the driver is "master of the vehicle network domain." ETAS' INCA software digital interface to the engine controller could allow the driver to have the capability to control its tuning and read vitals. The owner could even order parts or download engine calibrations through Mopar Performance Parts and could communicate with engineers and other Dodge owners in Web logs and chat rooms. The driver could adjust fuel maps (as opposed to static flashing) and even download Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from a Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealership as he or she drives by.

Entertainment – Internet, gaming, music and video – is also controlled. Sync Bluetooth® links to any devices: phone, iPhone and Zune. Heart-pounding sound is provided by KICKER® Audio. It also features a Mopar Performance gauge pack with red accent LED lighting.

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