Round 2: Unique Performance fires back at Shelby

We reported earlier that Shelby was severing ties with Unique Performance, builder of the Shelby GT350 SR and GT500 E continuation series Mustangs. Shelby claims that some customers who put down deposits up to two years ago have not received their cars. Unique has taken approximately $7 million in deposits and has around 50 to 60 orders that they have yet to complete. At least ten customers have also filed suit against Unique, and several of those have also included Shelby Automobiles in their suits as well. Carroll decided that enough was enough and announced he would no longer do business with the Dallas-based company.

Now Doug Hasty, CEO of Unique Performance has fired back. He claims that the production delays were due to faulty engines provided by Shelby. "Twenty-eight of the 42 Shelby Super Snakes produced prior to August 2006 experienced engine issues that led to overheating and/or mechanical failure," said Hasty. "Resources required for addressing the Shelby engine issues led to production delays to all vintage models." Carroll Shelby denies that Unique had informed him of engine problems and says that he only recently learned of the issue a few weeks ago. He also stated that the engine problems have nothing to do with Unique's delayed production of cars.

Hasty claims that the engine issues have been resolved and that the deposit money taken from customers is being used to complete the cars on order. Thirteen cars are scheduled for delivery by the end of this year. As for the ten law suits against Unique Performance, Hasty says that three have already been settled and that the others are being addressed.

[Source: Automotive News - sub required]

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