Raikonen's F1 title questioned, then confirmed; McLaren to appeal

An investigation by Formula 1 stewards regarding fuel temperature of the BMW-Sauber and Williams teams initially put into question Raikonen's F1 title. Article 6.5.5 of the Formula 1 technical regulations states that the fuel on board a car can not be more than 10 degrees centigrate below the ambient temperature, and the four cars from the BMW-Sauber and Williams teams were found to be in violation of this rule following the Grand Prix yesterday. Three of those four cars - driven by Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica, and Nick Heidfeld - finished in the top six ahead of Lewis Hamilton. The exclusion of those drivers from the race results would put Hamilton in fourth, giving him enough points to move past Raikkonen in the overall points. However, stewards chose not to punish the teams for the violation and confirmed that the F1 championship would go to Raikkonen. McLaren has notified the FIA that they plan to appeal the decision.

[Source: F1Way.com, Photo by Clive Mason/Getty]

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