Hyundai Veracruz on its way to Europe

Hyundai is looking to expand in Europe, and the new Veracruz seems like the perfect answer to enlarging its lineup. Hyundai's largest CUV, named the IX 55 overseas, will come equipped with a 2.2L turbo-diesel powerplant and sell for a hearty €45,000. Hyundai Europe is hoping to sell 5,000 units per year beginning exactly one year from now as part of a larger plan to increase annual sales in Europe from 350,000 to 400,000 units.

At 5,000 units per year, the IX 55 will hardly set Europe on fire, but it's nice to see that every once in a while we here in the States gets a vehicle before our European friends. We also get the better name apparently, as IX 55 is as forgettable as they come.

[Source: Auto News - sub. req'd]

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