Rumor Mill Refuted: Shelby Automobiles not going out of business

Autoblog listens to every rumor that comes our way, and there sure are a lot of them. But when we hear something twice and it then pops up online, we begin to take it more seriously. Reports that Shelby Automobiles, the company the Carroll built, was going out business began landing on our desk today, and when we were pointed to a forum post with some more specifics, we decided to give the company a call ourselves. While the most wild speculation claimed it was closing its doors due to health problems that Carroll Shelby might be experiencing, we were assured by the company's VP of Marketing and Communications Jim Owens that the company is "alive, healthy and well." When asked where the rumor may have originated, Owens declined to speculate. As proof of the company's vitality, however, he noted that at the time we spoke the facility in Las Vegas should've built its fiftieth Shelby GT of the day. And that's what makes Shelby Automotive going out of business a tough rumor to buy: its contracts with Ford to build not only the Shelby GT, but the upcoming GT500KR.


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