Tokyo 2007 Preview: Toyota hints at future minivan with FT-MV

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While most of the concepts you've seen so far from Toyota have been of the pie-in-the-sky variety, the FT-MV minivan concept seems much more grounded and closer to production. It's not like Toyota's trying to hide that fact, either. The concept's name, FT-MV, basically stands for "Future Minivan". Our insiders tell us that we could see a production minivan inspired by the FT-MV sometime in 2008, though we hope the design is toned down a mite in the meantime. While the exterior is fairly flamboyant, the interior actually looks ready for primetime save for a few futuristic features. The second- and third-row seats, for instance, fully recline and passengers can kick their feet up on motorized ottoman-like foot rests that pop out of the seatbacks. The center console, as well, is a single, flat surface that can display any interface required for the task at hand. There's also some purplish interior mood lighting for effect. Fancy features for sure, but all are surrounded by what appears to be a pretty common upscale minivan interior. Soccer moms of the future, you're chariot awaits.

[Source: Toyota]

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The FT-MV makes its presence felt as a first-class, new-generation minivan.
  • Boasts a bold, vibrant and stately exterior.
  • Includes luxurious, second-row seats with fully automatic ottomans, using soft ambient lighting to create an elegant space.

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