Representative wants Corvette named Official Sports Car of Kentucky

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Kentucky State Representative C.B. Embry, a 66-year-old Republican, filed a bill yesterday proposing that the Chevrolet Corvette be designated the Official Sports Car of the Bluegrass State. The Corvette is built in Bowling Green, KY at a facility that employs over 900 people, though Embry carefully noted that other vehicles like the Ford Explorer, F-Series Super Duty and Toyota Camry are also built in the state. That's why he proposed the Corvette be designated the Official Sports Car and not Official Vehicle of Kentucky. Spoken like a true politician.

According to Embry, "Everything we do is not a big earthshaking thing like healthcare or pensions. It is nice to slide in a fun thing from time to time." Fair enough, as long you eventually get to those earthshaking things before my buddy in Kentucky needs a heart transplant or retires.

What would be the Official Sports Car or Official Vehicle of your state? Off the top of my head, Jeeps, Hondas, Fords and GM vehicles are all built in Ohio where I live, and that's probably not a complete list. If I had to choose one vehicle that defines the Buckeye State, however, it would have to be a 1997 Ford Probe with three missing plastic wheels cover and a giant crack in its rear bumper. Me thinks we have the largest collection of them per capita in the U.S.

[Source: Courier-Journal via Motor Authority]

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