eBay find of the day: 1935 BSA Model TW35-10

Proving that Aptera is not the first manufacturer to choose a three-wheeled configuration is this BSA model TW35-10. Using a four cylinder engine of just under 1100cc's (1.1 liter), the front wheel drive BSA featured a three speed transmission with reverse. The body is made from lightweight aluminum. The vehicle is rather reminiscent of the Morgan three-wheelers which came from England as well.

The current owner of this vehicle states that it runs and drives well. The vehicle does not appear to have undergone any serious restoration work, but the car seems to be complete, although it certainly needs a little work. Vintage BSA motorcycles can be quite collectible, but we're not to familiar with these three-wheelers, and we're not sure what parts (if any) are interchangeable between the two and three-wheeled cycles. Still, this is a cool ride and would likely still return good fuel mileage. Emissions would be another story entirely! Even if not driven regularly, this vehicle is a clear reminder that what's old is new again.

[Source: eBay]

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