High rollers snatching up Phantoms as fast as Goodwood can make them

click above image for more truly awesome shots of the 2007 Rolls-Royce Phantom

A quick snapshot of the world's richest people shows that the wealthy are padding their pockets at a blistering pace. With all that extra cash at the top of the food chain, cars with big price tags are flying off the shelves. Aston Martin has gone from making only a handfull of cars to producing over 7,000 per year, and Bentley has been riding the wave with its Continental and Flying Spur. The once financially challenged Rolls-Royce is also getting in on the game, enjoying a 22% increase in sales that's driving its Goodwood factory to the brink. Extra shifts and longer work hours are the result for rank and file, but we're sure most of them don't mind the extra coin. With the introduction of a Phantom coupe based off of the 110EX concept from Geneva coming in the next few weeks, the chaps from south England may need to break new ground just to fulfill demand.

It seems the ultra-luxury automaker isn't concerned with overpopulating the world with Rolls Royce luxury, either. The company is preparing a new lineup for 2010 that will expand Goodwood's offerings while also increasing the number workers employed. We may yet get a Rolls for more than a week, but then again, maybe not.

[Source: Motoring News]

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