Clarkson climbing to new heights, literally

While the new season of Top Gear is in full swing, Clarkson and crew are getting ready for their appearance at MPH '07, a European petrolhead extravaganza of the highest order. In addition to having over £27,654,000 worth of exotic metal on hand, including every 200+ MPH supercar ever built, Jezza will be racing a rock climber up a 40-foot tall, man-made mountain in a Land Rover Discovery. The steel construction took over three months to build, and will pit Clarkson and the climber against the clock in an indoor arena.

For those of you inclined to make the trek, the event will be taking place in two different locations, on November 1st through 4th in Earls Court and 8th through 11th at Birmingham's NEC. More information is available at the MPH '07 website.

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