Hello Kitty rims reserved for special circle of Hell

We imagine that axe murderers and other unsavory types have a special circle of Hell waiting for them when their tickets ultimately get punched. In all likelihood, these are dark and miserable people. For them, Hell might be a place where the Hello Kitty theme plays on endless loop, incessantly friendly cartoon animals try to befriend them, said cartoon animals cannot be killed, and they're all driving Mitsubishi i minicars fitted with the rims you see at right. Because you know, cute overload isn't cute overload until you have Hello Kitty wheels (that cost $900). Avoid a life of violent crime (or the use of hallucinogenics), and this eternal fate can be avoided. Unless you go to Japan, of course. Then all bets are off, and you're on your own.
Thanks for the tip, hkh!

[Source: Hello Kitty Hell]

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