Bentley to increase in-house coachbuilding

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As Bentley's production numbers continue to grow, taking the classic British marque farther from the fringe and closer to the mainstream – that is, in as much as six-digit luxury automobiles could be considered "mainstream" – the company's exclusivity seems to dwindle. But the premium Volkswagen Group automaker is on a path to put some individuality into its cars by increasing in-house coachbuilding efforts.

Through its own Mulliner division, Bentley already offers a range of customization options for bespoke Arnage models, but Crewe is planning on broadening the coachbuilding efforts to include the Continental range as well. Among the various techniques Bentley will offer will be a slew of hi-tech materials including composite materials and something called Laser Metal Sintering which F1 teams use to produce high-strength little parts. In the process, Bentley has also ruled out the option of providing stripped engines and chassis to outside coachbuilders.

The prospect of putting new bodywork on the epically fast (but not necessarily the best-looking) Continental Flying Spur sedan has us foaming at the mouth...if only we had the cash. We'll stay "tuned" (pardon the pun) to see what sort of creations Bentley turns out for their most discerning and moneyed clients.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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