Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki Palette

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In addition to the numerous concepts we've shown you from Suzuki, the automaker will be unveiling a new JDM tall wagon, the Palette. With a wheelbase 40mm longer than the best-selling Wagon R, the Palette offers a little more comfort and a good dose of practicality thanks to a flat floor and dual sliders. Creature comforts such as Bluetooth, an MP3 player jack, and automatic A/C are also a given for Suzuki's new family runabout.

UPDATE: English-language press release added

[Sources: Suzuki, Autoblog Spanish]

Exhibition summary of 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Suzuki Palette

The Palette is a minicar aimed at parents who cherish time with their children, and at young drivers who like having fun with their friends.

Combining emotionally appealing styling cues with a cabin roomy enough for four people, Palette delivers a level of comfort unprecedented among minicars.

It also boasts revolutionary packaging, with left and right-hand powered sliding doors and a low, flat floor for maximum convenience.

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