Toyota says "No delay for next-gen Prius"

There has been a lot speculation in recent months about the timing and content of the next generation of Toyota's Prius. Reports based on comments from company executives at various times have indicated the model would and wouldn't be a plug-in, and would and wouldn't use lithium ion batteries. The consensus now is that the Prius definitely won't use a lithium battery at launch.

An anonymous Toyota executive has told CNN/Money that recent reports of a two-year delay to the Prius are inaccurate. Of course, since Toyota has never officially announced publicly when the next generation Prius would debut, there can't officially be a delay. Given recent sightings of a face-lifted version of the current Prius, it seems unlikely that we will see an all-new car for at least then next couple of years. But when we do, at least it won't be late.

[Source: CNN/Money]

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