Fancy a topless Scirocco? VW's got you (un)covered

Auto Express seems to have the inside scoop on a convertible variant of the upcoming Volkswagen Scirocco coupe, likely to go on sale sometime in 2009. The standard fixed-roof Scirocco is expected to take cues from the IROC concept that debuted back in Paris in 2006 and be built off the same architecture that underpins the Volkswagen Eos convertible. That will allow the convertible version of the Scirocco to benefit from a retractable hardtop mechanism inspired by the Eos, although VW's engineers will probably ditch the rear seats in an effort to maximize storage space. With the top up, parcels can be stowed with room to spare in the trunk, and when the urge to enjoy open-air motoring strikes, there'll be an ample amount of space to throw a murse and a few other amenities behind the front seats. Naturally, rollover hoops will be mounted to score points in the safety department.
[Source: Auto Express]

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