Look Mom, No Arms! Armless Tennessee man learns to drive

From the Feel Good Files: Roger Rice was born with no arms, but that hasn't stopped him from learning to write, type, dial a phone, and raise a family. He also runs a non-profit called Look Mom, No Arms, that is working to build a center for assistive technology to benefit others like him.

Nor has his disability stopped him from wanting to drive, and it appears he'll finally be able to do it. With the help of Reed Trickett of Trickett Honda in Madison and Beaman Automotive in Nashville, Tennessee, Roger is going to get the van, the equipment, and the training he'll need to drive. He will steer with one foot, accelerate and brake with the other, and use his left shoulder for other controls. He should have his license within a year, after passing a range of tests. Good luck, Roger.

[Source: WKRN.com]

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