NHRA legend John Force injured in crash

The good news: he's alive. The bad news: he's a little busted up. John Force's dragster (yeah, that John Force, the one with the Driving Force tv show about him and his hawt drag racing daughters) went out of control at the O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals in Texas on Sunday. In the process of heading for the wall, he also took out Kenny Bernstein's car before smacking the barrier. Berstein is fine, Force is also largely fine, suffering a broken wrist and ankle in the crash. As he was being stabilized and extricated from his car, Force was apparently more concerned with Bernstein's fate, even though he was obviously aware of his own injuries. Force's chassis broke, which seems to be what caused the collision. His daughter Ashley, also an NHRA drag racer, withdrew from the semifinals to be with her father at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX. Our main question, after making sure he was okay, was the fate of the famously filthy Nomex suit - will he finally get a clean one?

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[Source: AP]

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