The Days After: Mourning Colin McRae (1968 - 2007)

A little over a day after a tragic helicopter accident has claimed the life of famous rally driver Colin McRae and three others, including his 5-year-old son Johnny, fans and members of motorsport alike are paying tribute to the legend with kind words. With perhaps the most fitting gesture so far, the Scottish Subaru Impreza Drivers Club formed a parade of Subarus outside of McRae's home in Lanark, Scotland, leaving a makeshift shrine and a note that said, among other sentiments, "May you enjoy going 'flat out' in God's special stage." Well known drivers in other types of motorsport also followed the career of McRae, and those who have commented on his death include Formula One driver David Coulthard, legend himself Jackie Stewart, and MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi.
[Source: Reuters, Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty]

McRae's website,, had been made completely black since the accident occurred on Saturday, but has since been turned back on and hosts a statement from the McRae family made by Colin's father, Jim McRae. It notes that McRae and his Johnny leave behind wife/mother Alison and daughter/big sister Hollie. A place has also been set up on the site where people can leave condolences.

The other two people who were killed in the helicopter crash have now also been positively identified as Ben Porcelli, a good friend of Johnny's, and Graeme Duncan, a longtime friend of McRae's who was visiting McRae on holiday.

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