After a back and forth with Daimler over the past several weeks China Automobile Deutschland has decided not to import the Shuanghuan Noble. Daimler was not happy about the car because they claim it looks too much like the Smart ForTwo. China Automobile Managing Director Karl Schloessl was apparently surprised that people thought the Noble resembled the Smart (as he petted his seeing eye dog!). Admittedly, the Noble does differ a bit from the Smart thanks to its front mounted engine and slightly longer back end to accommodate a "back seat". Schloessl stated that they decided not to sell the Noble because it didn't fit into their lineup of Chinese-made SUVs. They're not out of the woods, yet. The lineup include the Shuanghuan CEO which bears an uncanny resemble the first generation BMW X5. BMW is still pursuing legal action to stop that one.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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