Frankfurt 2007: Jaguar XF in the flesh

click above image for more live, high-res shots of the Jaguar XF

Immediately after images of the Jaguar XF appeared on the web a few weeks ago, debate began over whether this new sedan will save or sink Ford's feline brand. We've now seen the car in person at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, and we can at least say it earns this year's honor of being the most difficult car to shoot with a camera. We did our best though, despite Jaguar's horrendous lighting. First of all, the surfacing of the Jaguar is very complex, switching between concave and convex frequently, especially up front. The poor lighting did show that the XF loves to play with light, so now we're even more interested in seeing one out in the sun. The rear is still derivative of an Aston Martin, but at least there's good trunk space back there. We sat in the back seat to take pics of the dash, and found leg room to be adequate while the seats were comfy. The dash itself, however, is still one of the best features of the XF, with design purportedly influenced by Apple hardware. It's simple, the buttons are extremely logical and the materials are at least as good as in the more expensive XK. Power for the XF comes from Jaguar's line of 4.2L V8 engines, one naturally aspirated at 300 HP and the other supercharged for 420 HP. No weak V6s here.

Check out our live shots of the Jaguar XF in the gallery below, and take in the official press release from Jaguar after the jump.
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