The video above, an ad for Škoda's Fabia, is amazing. It features car construction with the greenest materials ever: Sugar, floor, eggs ... it's a big cake! Everything from the engine to seats to bumper is made in delicious detail. Below the fold is a 5-minute making of the commercial which includes the recipe. When they are not pioneering the art of edible car construction, Škoda makes the real thing.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Škoda will have a green, diesel concept car, the Fabia Estate, that gets 69 MPG and emits 110 grams per kilometer of CO2. We have written about Škoda before, when they proved that a car could emit 120 grams and still be a seller. Proving naysayers wrong, that's one of my favorite things. And hey, the commercial includes the song My Favorite Things.

[Source: YouTube]

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