So long, farewell: Pranksters target the Architect's Jag

As a wrap-up to a very memorable career as "The Architect," Karl Rove's Jaguar was covered in plastic wrap by some White House jokers. Rove is the man considered to be the mastermind behind George W. Bush winning both his Presidential bids, but it couldn't stop him from getting punked. While away in Texas, Rove apparently left his Jaguar in a parking lot adjacent to the White House's West Wing. When he got back into town, he found his Jag had not only been wrapped, but two small Bald Eagles were mounted to the trunk and signs were placed on it that read "King Karl" and "I love Obama." CBS News added that because of the heavy security that usually monitors the White House, they were suspecting it was an inside job. Oh, those nutty news people.

[Source: CBS News]

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