Frankfurt preview: Novitec Rosso kicks the Ferrari 599 GTB up a notch

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One of the many tuners showing off its wares in Frankfurt is Novitec Rosso, famed Deutsch tuners of all things from the boot-shaped nation. We caught wind of the firm's newest endeavor a month or so back, and today, we've finally got the details.

Beginning with the already competent Ferrari 599 GTB, the tuning haus sought to build off the Fezza's strong points while keeping body modifications as low-key as possible when starting with such a striking piece of machinery. The engine output has been bumped by 25 HP (totaling 645 HP) through the implementation of new exhaust with larger, 90mm dual tips and a revised ECU. Top speed has been increased by an addition 5 KM/H, and Novitec plans to go even further in 2008 when it releases a more comprehensive engine package.

To make things stick, the company has fitted a KW Automotive adjustable aluminum suspension setup, which also allows users to adjust ride height by a control within the cabin. The brakes have also been upgraded to 405mm on all four corners courtesy of a Brembo six-piston setup.

On the outside, down force and cooling is improved via a new body kit that includes a new front air dam, rear diffuser, wing, side flaps and a set of side skirts that incorporate larger intake openings. Naturally, the rolling stock has been upgraded, with 20-inch N3 wheels up front and 21-inch out back, wrapped in Pirelli P Zero rubber. Smoked LED taillights round out the visual mods.

You can check out a full gallery of images below, and rest assured that we'll be bringing live shots of the tuned 599 when we make the trip to Frankfurt in less than two weeks time.

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