Ed Roth's Orbitron found outside adult bookstore in Mexico

We just showed you a few Ed "Big Daddy" Roth vehicles that were auctioned through Russo & Steele in Monterey, and so this discovery seems particularly timely. It seems someone wandering by an adult bookstore somewhere in Mexico finally realized that the dumpster out back had a unique look to it. On closer inspection it turned out to be Roth's Orbitron. Although little remains of the original car, it is still quite valuable.

When Roth died six years ago, the value of his projects started to rise rapidly. So even though this vehicle looks to be little more than a funky fiberglass tub with wheels, it will surely be restored and pop up at some auction soon enough. The Hemmings blog we learned of this through points out that the Orbitron spent some time as a circus vehicle before getting lost and eventually being discovered in Mexico. Too funny, yet so sad.

[Source: Hemmings]

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