Wrenching LeMons, Part 1

Click the image above for more shots of Project Lemons.

After toiling away at Modacar in Livermore, CA yesterday, we can officially say that Autoblog's Project LeMons is underway. We were able to rip out the entire interior (sans dash), pull the rear hatch off, scrape out some sound deadening material, fit the rear end and begin to piece together a six-point roll cage for our FC RX-7. And we're only slightly worse for the wear.

The next big step is to begin fabricating parts for the roll bar, including a main hoop that was originally intended for an EK Civic. Casey, our man wielding the welder, was able to get one of the plates installed, while our photog friend Brad cut some of the tubing to spec and snapped off several shots, all while while Jay and I got intimate with the diff.

We're still debating themes and a team name, but we're keeping our cards close to our chest until a decision is firmed up. We will say that it might carry the torch for a black coupe from the decade of excess, with the possibility of sporting a Camino'd bed and some sort of P.A. system.

There'll be more updates to follow in the next few weeks, so watch this space and check out the gallery below, courtesy of Brad over at Shutterflick.

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