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One look at the just unveiled XF shows that Jaguar is doing anything and everything on the inside and out to steer out of its endless cash drain. The exterior is beautiful, with an aggressive stance, zero retro, and a coupe-like roof-line. The interior is even better, with innovative design features like the Jaguar Drive interface, coupled with top-notch materials and luxury amenities.

The automotive scribes from Car have been tracking Jaguar's newest cat for some time, and they've got the video to prove it. The endangered company from Coventry gave the European buff book exclusive access to its testing center, which resides at the legendary Nurburgring. Car uses moving pictures to take us into the secret facility, as well as a quick drive right through the endless twisties of the 'Ring. While the mag's video pros were on an XF-roll, they took the time to compile a nice montage of the production XF going through the paces on the track. Check out both videos after the break, you won't regret it.

[Source: Car]

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