Wrecked ship in front of Gibraltar might contain old exhaust pipes

A couple of weeks ago, a ship called New Flame had an accident in front of Gibraltar and is about to sunk in front of the shore, potentially polluting the whole Bay of Algeciras. The first response efforts were focused on removing the fuel from the ship tanks and those have succeeded. Nevertheless, the load might still pose a serious hazard in the area: it is claimed that the ship was carrying old exhaust pipes.

The hazard is notorious: Exhaust pipes contain heavy metals and, if they belong to older models, even lead deposits from lead gasoline (which *gasp* was used in Europe until the late '90s and, in some countries, even later).

Environment protection associations are claiming for the content of the load to be published to see if exhaust pipes are indeed on board and to start removing the load from the wrecked boat as soon as possible. The Strait of Gibraltar is not only one of the busiest ship routes in the world but is very close to both North African and Southern European shores potentially affecting fishing and beaches, which are a major tourist attraction and their main source of income.

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