Irmsher tunes the Opel GT/Saturn Sky

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Although the German tuner Irmscher wasn't kind enough to provide us a press release in English (a Google-translated version is after the jump), we were able to decipher a small amount of information about its newest Opel creation. Utilizing the already capable two-liter turbocharged Ecotec four in the Opel GT (aka Saturn Sky) the firm was able to boost power up to 315 HP, although no torque figures were available. Additionally, they didn't explain how the extra 45 ponies were released, but we'd stand to guess that some revised intake plumbing and ECU tweaks were employed, along with the firm's stainless steel dual exhaust.

The exterior receives a new front lip and 19-inch GT-Star aluminum wheels, wrapped in 245/40 ZR 19 tires, while the interior gets a mild makeover including a leather-wrapped wheel and seats. The GT also sits a bit lower to the ground, but again, no details were given on how this was achieved.

[Source: Irmscher via Autoblog Spanish]

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There are vehicles, from which one cannot leave simply the fingers. The current OPEL GT belongs to.

A classical Roadster: openly, fast, directly. Thus from Irm technical and optically refined GT presents itself. Outwardly the designers stressed existing elements dezent. A front spoiler lip provides for more drift on the front axle, GT-star aluminum of wheels in 19 "with 245/40 ZR 19 tyre ensures for the fact that the additional achievement will transfer better to the road. Heart of a Roadsters is however always the drive. A 2,0-Liter-Turbomotor with 315 HP and rear propulsion works for better weight distribution behind the front axle. So that the achievement comes optimally to the effect, the Irm Roadster gave a again co-ordinated chassis characteristic and setting lower also on the way.
Openly that prepares Irm GT the passenger as well as Passanten special fun. By a sport exhaust system co-ordinated with the vehicle the turbo engine holds a broad spectrum ready at tone qualities depending upon driving fashion. With dezenter driving fashion the 2-flutige high-grade steel exhaust system spreads full of seeds dry sound, which again-reflects the achievement of the engine with forced pace impressing acoustically.
On the inside the GT with a noble leather steering wheel shines. When desired the entire Interieur can be equipped with leather after choice. Here nearly unlimited possibilities are open to the customer.

Irm shows with this GT impressing, how delightfully the Roadster concept can be interpreted and refined crucially individually.

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