Shot of production Jaguar XF finds way onto web

Shot removed at request of Jaguar

After a lengthy investigation, we've traced this clear shot of the production Jaguar XF back to Road and Track's website. The buff book's digital division published an article online titled "Top 20 New Cars for 2008". One of those cars is the Jaguar XF, and Road and Track, which we're suspecting already has its hands on a boat load of long-lead press shots, decided to publish one for the people ahead of the vehicle's official debut later this month. We'd link to the article for you, but that would only encourage this kind of behavior.

The profile shot gives us a nice view from which to compare what's changed on this car's relatively short path from concept to production. For starters, the production car has the corporate fender vents found on nearly all Jags rather than the stylized vents from the concept. The wheels also appear to be the same ones we saw in our last batch of spy shots that revealed the car's naked arse. From the side, those taillights look like they were directly ported from the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, as well.

Though we can see a bit of the face here, it's tough to tell whether we like it or not. The concept has been largely toned down, with the car exhibiting proper real world proportions, functional door handles and the like. Was the essence of the C-XF Concept preserved? We'll find out later this month when Jag officially hands over the goods.

[Source: Road and Track via Jaguarmania via Motor Authority]

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