Koenigsegg is in debt, but not circling the drain

There are a number of hurdles to overcome when playing to people's egos, adrenal glands and pocket books. When combing the three into a cohesive, four-wheeled package, the task is even more daunting. Although Koenigsegg has only been in the business for five years, it knows that troubles don't end when a fresh set of keys is handed to a customer and backorders fill the coffer.

According to a report in Sweden's Realtid, the exotic automaker owes over €240,000 to creditors and is seeking new investors to pay back the debt. Considering that Koenigsegg has already had to endure a production line move after fires consumed a facility back in 2003, we doubt that this particular problem will ail the automaker for very long. Also, the amount of debt converts to around $321,000 USD. If Koenigsegg is threatened by a debt that's smaller than the price of just one of its cars, then it's in worse shape than we thought.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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