Bentley blushing: Recalls 520 Arnage models for wheel problems

Speaking of recalls... It's one thing for a full-line automaker like General Motors or Ford to announce a recall, as those companies produce thousands of vehicles a day. It's quite another for a manufacturer like Bentley, which still primarily builds its entire lineup by hand, to announce a recall. The company from Crewe is reportedly recalling 520 examples of its ultra expensive Arnage that were built over the last 18 months due to incorrect bolts being used to attach the wheels, which could come loose as a result.
Bentley has reportedly already contacted owners of the affected vehicles, who no doubt include a number of wealthy and famous people who were bothered to discover their $221,000 sedan has issues. One of the reasons for paying that much for a car is so you don't have to deal with recalls like the rest of us schlubs. But we'll give Bentley a break, as anyone can have a bad day... for 18 months.

[Source: via KickingTires]

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