Eight-Six day has come and gone

Back in our misspent Dime daze days, we made the annual trek to Mt. Shasta to bathe in the glory of all things Datsun, but we were primarily there to compare notes and swap parts with other 510 fanatics. The date was easy to remember: May 10th. Little did we know that another group of enthusiasts had their own thing going over 5,000 miles away on another notable calendar day – August 6th.

"8-6" day, as it's come to be known, is an excuse for anyone with a Hachi to head down to the Nikko Circuit to spend a day ripping rubber around the track in celebration of their favorite commuter-cum-racer. AEU86 forum member, Miguel, was on hand for the festivities and snapped a ton of great shots, including the turbo'd Tec Arts AE86 and a number of very clean, and very fast, Hachis. Follow the 'Read' link below to check it out.

[Source: AEU86]

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