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Mr. Bean's Holiday is all about green travel

The movie Mr. Bean's Holiday finds Bean trekking across Europe. He does not take a short haul plane ride. Instead he walks, bikes, scooters, car pools in a small car and takes the train. These are all very green forms of transport.

The movies of Summer 2007 do not exemplify green forms of transport. There were no transforming hybrids in Transformers. The ministry of magic refuses to release data on emissions from broomsticks in Harry Potter. At least we have Bean to show us a vacation is more fun if you slow down.

The locations in the trailer, if you notice while laughing uncontrollably, are the rich, wonderful landscapes of Europe. These are things you don't see on a plane. In theaters August 24. Go below the fold to see a clip of Bean on the train from the TV series.

[Source: Apple Trailers]

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