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It's the "TRD-ist" ist around

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The oddly-named JDM Toyota ist was formally introduced this week, and as was the case with the Toyota Blade Master, another new arrival in Japan's Toyota stores, a range of TRD accessories was announced very shortly thereafter. They do the job of dressing up the rather bland ist, which is Japan's version of the USDM Scion xD.

Naturally, there's a replacement grille, body kit, and new wheels. The look can be further augmented with branded scuff plates, TRD Sportivo suspension parts, and a TRD muffler. Hell, TRD even offers a red engine start button. The US-market Scions have always been pushed as being very customization-friendly, and really, it's no different for the JDM cars. The available accessories do a nice job of dressing things up.

[Source: Toyota via Carview]

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