DIY: Make your own biodiesel for fun and profit

Etruk, a UK company, is selling a do it yourself biodiesel machine that will turn your fry grease into fuel for just pennies a gallon! For just £895 ($1,821) you can buy its smallest distiller that turns out 40-liter batches. Etruk's site says it's perfect for keeping a single car fueled. Or you can step up to the largest machine, which costs £2,095 ($4,265) and churns out 150 liters of fuel at a time. Just the right amount says the site for someone who wants to start their own biodiesel fueling station.

While it's legal for Brits to make their own highly-flammable fuel right in their own back yards, it's not clear how U.S. authorities would react. We can easily see your neighbors freaking out at the site of this thing next to your kids' swing set. So before you go ordering one of these, check your state and local laws. That is, unless you're just dying to know what Guantanomo is like in the fall.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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