It's Portuguese for Astra, kind of - Brazil's Chevy Vectra GT

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In Brazil, the Chevy Vectra has nothing to do with the European Opel Vectra, the next generation of which will also be 100% identical to the 2nd-gen Saturn Aura. The Brazilian Vectra is actually the same car as the European Astra, which we're getting as a Saturn next year, too. Meanwhile, Brazil does have an Astra, too, but it's really an older-generation Euro Astra that's still built locally. Confused? Good.

Anyway, the car you see above is Brazil's new Chevy Vectra GT. Announced officially last week, it is a locally-built version of the current Opel/Saturn Astra hatchback. Swap out the grilles, and you're pretty much there. Unlike the other markets, the Vectra GT is powered by GM's 2.0L FlexPower engine, which can run on E100 ethanol, all gasoline, or any combination thereof. Aiding the GT-ness (which appears to be looks-based only) are a nice-looking set of wheels, and a modest aero package. Brazilians can buy one starting in September.

[Source: GM Brazil]

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