Windscreen wiper blade designs have barely changed over the decades, but that doesn't mean they've reached the peak of their performance. One of the world's largest auto parts suppliers, Germany's Bosch, has developed a new wiper blade that can adjust itself to perfectly complement the shape of your car's windshield.

The wiper blade feature a spring-loaded rail that's connected to a steel bar whose job it is to force the rubber wiper onto your screen, forming an ideal curvature of the blade.

According to its designers, the new blade, or Aerotwin as it's called, applies pressure evenly along the length of the blade and in the long run reduces wear. A simple Quick-Clip Adaptor that comes with the Aerotwin means it can be retrofitted to most cars, but we suspect many new models will be featuring it or a similar system in the not too distant future. The wipers are now available in the UK but there's no word on a US release date.

[Source: Auto Express]

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