2007 Rolling Sculpture car show

Click on the '66 GT40 for a gallery of American Muscle

Every summer car fans from around the Ann Arbor, MI area drive their prized possessions downtown and park them along Main St, Fourth Ave and the surrounding side streets for the Rolling Sculpture car show. More than 400 cars show up every year and this year the weather for the show was perfect, the humidity of the previous week giving way to a pleasant breeze.

The cars on hand ranged from old British roadsters like Sprites and TR4s, to exotics like the Ferrari 512bb. Muscle cars like Mustangs, Camaros and GTOs were well represented as were Corvettes and T-Birds of all vintages. The offbeat machines included a 1916 Detroit Electric and old Dodge Caravan completely covered in blue astro-turf, along with a stretched four door, four seat C4 Corvette. For those who didn't make it to this year's show you can peruse the hundreds of photos in these six galleries.

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