Two more cities offering public bike rental services: Sevilla and Cordoba

Due to the success of the Bicing service in Barcelona and similar services in Lyon and Paris, two more cities have decided to support public bike rental services, Sevilla and Córdoba, in the region of Andalusia (Spain).

The plans for Córdoba are very modest, due to the relative small size of the city: 35 bikes in 4 stations, linking the historic center with spots such as the City Hall and the High Speed Train (AVE) station. The service, called Ciclocity, is free for everybody but requires registering personally at the council offices.

Sevilla has more ambitious plans. First of all, the model will be copied from Lyon's bike, (I'm sure they took note of the strong criticisms that the Barcelona model has) with a beefed up service, named Sevici, with 2,500 bikes available and 250 parking stations distributed in all city districts, managed by JCDecaux. The cost is only 10 EUR/year or 5 EUR/week, with the 30 first minutes of rental for free (1/2 EUR for each additional half-hour). Currently, only two stations are working for free demonstrations in the city center but the complete deployment is expected for mid-2008.

I just couldn't resist mentally comparing this to the Cadillac Seville models and the Chrysler Cordoba...


[Source: Sevilla and Córdoba City Halls]

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