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KaleCoAuto's wiper blade sharpener

I worked in an auto dealership after college that had a huge service department. Sometimes to raise morale (or to just raise a little extra cash), service techs would suggest non-existent parts to customers who insisted there was a problem that couldn't be diagnosed. Things like blinker fluid, Johnson rods and muffler bearings - stuff that sounded legit to the uninitiated, but were purely figments of the techs' imaginations. A company called KaleCoAuto has an online catalog where you can actually order some of these items. No kidding.

When you click over to their website, you'll find some hilarious items. The featured item right now is KaleCoAuto's Energy Drink. "What is good for the body is also good for the car," reads the tagline. It looks like an ordinary energy drink, but apparently serves double duty: "You can share this Energy Drink with your ride! Boost your car's octane and increase your metabolism with the same beverage." Look for round tuits, salad shooting spinner rims, left handed metric screw drivers, flux capacitors, wiper blade sharpeners, and even brass balls. Truly, there are probably about 50 made up products in all on the site, which itself appears totally legit to the untrained eye.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!

[Source: KaleCoAuto via TrueDelta]

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