"Thank you. Come again!" Nude woman buys smokes in German gas station, leaves in Ferrari

A gas station in Dömitz, Germany got some publicity in the German tabloids this week after a woman strolled in to buy cigarettes. Now, that in itself is not newsworthy. What is, however, is that the blond, tattooed woman was buck-freaking-naked, save for a pair of gold stiletto heels and a bracelet. After casually going about her business inside the station's convenience store, she walked back out, climbed into the passenger seat of a waiting Ferrari F430, and drove off. The employee inside the shop was unfazed, telling reporters, "I wasn't surprised. She's come in naked before. She's a very nice woman." Her birthday-suit shopping trip was caught on camera by another customer at the filling station, and those pictures made it into the German tabs, where nudity is not an obstacle. This kind of stuff never happens around us when we run into the Mobil for a cup of coffee.
Oh, and the aforementioned pictures? You can see them here.

[Sources: Reuters, Bild]

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