Bring the Toys! Tamiya reissues the Hotshot

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Tamiya has responded to fans' calls for a re-release of its classic 1/10 scale 4WD R/C kit, the Hotshot. The 2007 edition goes on sale July 21in Japan, and while it looks like its forbear, it has been updated. The basic suspension setup is carried over -- front and rear double-wishbone with adjustable monoshocks -- but the dampers themselves are of a modern variety. Tamiya also updated the drive and propeller shafts in the name of efficiency, and uses an electronic speed controller in place of the original's mechanical unit. The old-school speed controller necessitated a pair of aluminum heatsinks at the rear of the car, which were part of its signature look. The ESC obviates the heatsinks, but Tamiya uses dummy units on the reissue to preserve the original car's classic appearance.

There are differences in some of the kit's decals, as well. Gone are the fully-licensed logos for the likes of KC HiLites and STP. Instead, generic ones appear (like the "BL" on the off-road light covers). CDs containing vintage decal artwork are readily available on sites like eBay, however, so hobbyists will undoubtedly find ways to decorate the new version to match the classic. Tamiya also says that a number of optional parts will be made available to allow further customization as well. Finally, since the '07 Hotshot is in fact different in the ways we've described, it's probably not unreasonable to believe that values of the collectible original-issue cars should be nominally affected, if at all. That said, we're not experts on this topic, so if any Tamiya enthusiasts are reading, we'd be interested in hearing your take in the comments.

On the Tamiya America website, the car's MSRP is set at $282 and it's listed as 'Coming Soon." We also found it listed for $222.24 and £124 with August availability at a couple of UK online retailers.The official Tamiya press release can be found here or by clicking the "Read" link below.

[Source: Tamiya]

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