Wisconsin company tries to make veggie oil mainstream

Filling the tank with used fry oil is gaining in popularity but still far from mainstream. Part of the reason is clearly the limited popularity and availability of diesel passenger cars in the US compared to many other markets. Actually getting and using veggie oil is also more hassle than just driving into your local gas station. You can usually get it from many restaurants for free, but it needs to be filtered and it doesn't work well in cold weather. A La Crosse, Wisconsin company called INOV8 wants to move veggie oil beyond cars to home applications like water heaters and furnaces. They have worked with Coulee Region Bio-fuels in Blair, WI to open a veggie oil recycling and filling station believed to be the first in the Midwest. They hope to use the facility to encourage more drivers to convert their cars to run on veggie oil and also heat their homes with it.
[Source: Chicago Tribune via TreeHugger]

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