Sniff Petrol relaunch: Auto-satire at its finest

Sniff Petrol, one of our favorite automotive spoof sites, has been running on fumes for the last few months, depriving those of us with a semi-sick sense of humor from the satirical stylings of ex-Top Gear producer Richard Porter. Well, as of a week ago, they've relaunched the site in blog format and have returned, sporting an RSS feed and breaking news about the supposed impregnation of the new M3 by members of the British motoring press.

If you're down for a hearty chuckle, you can visit the new site here and look over the archives of the now defunct site here. It's not quite "fake" news in the same vein as The Daily Show, but if your view is askew, then it's right up your alley. And we'd be remiss not to mention Gareth Jones on Speed, a semi-regular podcast featuring Porter, Mr. Jones and Zog as they rehash some of the major events across the pond and discuss the trials and tribulations of F1. You can visit Gareth's site here, and subscribe to their podcast in iTunes.

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