Kyosho's Mini-Z series of RC cars is pretty neat. Measuring in at around 5 inches in length, the cars are exquisitely detailed, and as you'll see in the video after they jump, they go like stink. The embed is a long form commercial/promo that centers mainly on the Mini-Z AWD series. The pair of R34 Skylines you see duking it out on the track both sport the AWD chassis under their bodywork, and it's pretty awesome to see how well the cars handle when the remote's in the hands of someone who knows what he's doing. Even more impressive is when the "drivers" start drifting the cars at around the midway point. The drifts are deftly executed and it look great on video, and it leads directly to a second drift demo using the Mini-Z racers based on the cars from the Manga and Anime drift series, Initial D. Stay through the end to see a Countach LP400 and a Ferrari F430 tackle the miniature race course, too. We totally want one of these little cars, even though we're more likely to put it into the kitchen wall at the RC-car equivalent of 150 mph than we are to execute a successful drift.

Video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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