SmartUSA brings their roadshow to Michigan

Click on the Smart for a high-res gallery of the little car

SmartUSA, the American distributor for the Smart ForTwo, is currently doing a summer roadshow to give most of the country their first up close look at the diminutive city car. They actually have three teams in the east, west and central parts of the country bringing cars to various events so that people can touch and even take for a short test drive. Next week, from July 18 to 21, they are going to be downtown Ann Arbor during the annual Art Fairs. If you are in A2 for the fair look for them on South University Avenue. After the fair closes they will be around the Detroit area for several days before heading east to Cleveland. ABG will be venturing over to the fair to check these out in the real world and we'll bring you a report. If you want to check them out in your area check the SmartUSA web site for the full schedule.

[Source: SmartUSA]

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