Forbes names "Most Affordable Luxury Cars"

One of our favorite non-auto-publications-laughably-doing-car-stories, Forbes has just issued its list of the most affordable luxury cars available today. Sound like an oxymoron? Well, it is, sort of, but their point is a logical one. Even the entry-level models from most luxury players are getting the toys from their bigger siblings. And even in cars that don't necessarily have more expensive siblings, they have had to adopt those features to stay competitive. The idea behind the article is to show us the most luxury you can get on a budget. And most of the choices are pretty sound. The trouble comes in where they start to make suggestions like, "Preparing to plunk down $61,715 on a brand-new Lexus LS460? Save your money. Instead, buy a $30,000 IS 250." The implication that the IS is somehow as good as the LS at a much lower price is ludicrous. They just tend to focus on features rather than performance or room or style, but it makes a decent buyers guide overall. These are solid choices in the near-luxury segment for the most part. Click through the read link to see photos of each along with some of the reasons it was selected.

[Source: Forbes via AIADA First Up]

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